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Training CDs

SJTI faculty Vernon A. Wall, M.A., Kathy Obear, Ed.D, Jamie Washington, Ph.D., becky martinez, and Samuel R. Offer and offer training programs through: NCSL Commons

With NCSL Training CD’s you can customize your leadership training…choose a single program or build an entire library. Training CDs are the affordable and flexible solution to building student leadership skills. Approximately 30 minutes each, these video programs fit into even the busiest schedule. Each one is lead by a top-rated presenter, and includes a PowerPoint and supplemental handouts.

Building Effective Communities Across Difference
Presented by Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington
Diversity means little in an organization … unless it exists in the context of community.

For Better or For Worse: The Impact of Political Correctness
Presented by Dr. Maura Cullen
This program offers you practical ways to quickly transform the quality and effectiveness of
your communication skills that are vital to your success.

Leadership and Spirituality
Presented by Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington
Questions of spirituality need to be examined in an organizational context.

Navigating Team Conflicts: Recognizing Your Triggers
Presented by Dr. Kathy Obear
Mismanaged hot buttons can result in escalating conflict, deep misunderstanding, and
resentment that can fester and create barriers to inclusion, collaboration, and productivity.

Recognizing and Responding to Exclusionary Team Behaviors
Presented by Dr. Kathy Obear
Too often during meetings and discussions we don’t recognize the subtle and covert forms of
indifference and exclusionary behaviors that can undermine group effectiveness, creativity,
retention, and morale.

Social Justice on Campus: 5 Key Concepts
Presented by Vernon Wall, M.S.
In this program, you’ll learn five key concepts that will give you tools to enhance conversations
in your organizations, on your campus, and in your communities. "Injustice anywhere is
a threat to justice everywhere."