Lodging and Transportation

Greetings 2018 S-SJTI participants! Here's your travel information...

Lodging and Meals

While attending SSJTI, students will stay in a residence hall at the University of Vermont’s beautiful campus within the newly constructed Central Campus Residence Hall. Students will be provided with lodging on July 24th, 25th, and 26th,. All of the restrooms (with the exception of the lobby) are single use, all-gender facilities (basically it is like using the bathroom at home – each “stall” has a toilet, sink and shower). We also have ADA single use, all-gender facilities on each floor. The lobby offers a men’s restroom, a women’s restroom, and one all-gender inclusive restroom.

The SSTJI planning committee will strive to make every accommodation possible in regards to accessibility. Please share with us any pertinent information on your application.
Food will be provided by our campus food vendor (Sodexo). Meals will be provided in a nearby dining hall. Our campus food provider is well equipped to accommodate any anticipated dietary needs (vegan, kosher, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.). Again, please note on your application if any of this applies to you so we may be properly prepared.

Transportation Information

UVM is 100 miles from Montreal, 220 miles from Boston, 290 miles from NYC, 145 miles from Albany, and only 3.5 miles from the Burlington International Airport. You can also reach us via Vermont Transit Bus lines, Megabus, Amtrak (to Essex Junction, VT – 15 minutes from UVM), or by ferry across Lake Champlain from upstate New York.

The host committee will plan to have regular van shuttles running throughout the day for those arriving to the airport on Tuesday, July 24th and departing from the airport on Friday, July 27th.
For students who choose to drive to attend, parking vouchers will be provided for a nominal fee. More details to follow.


If you have questions regarding registration/travel/lodging, please contact:

Troy Headrick