The Goal: Full & Equal Participation of all Groups in Society

Registration Information –
SJTI: "The Student Experience"

Institute Dates: July 15-18, 2014

If you have questions about SJTI: The Student Experience, please send an email to

Application Deadline:

  May 1, 2014

Coach Recommendation Deadline:

  May 1, 2014


  May 23, 2014

Attendance Confirmation Due:

  June 6, 2014

Payment Due:


June 30, 2014*

*If an office/college/university is sponsoring a student, funds from Fiscal Year 2015 may be applied to the registration fee.

Please contact if this represents your situation.


Questions? Contact:

  Kathy Sisneros, Ed.D
Director for the Women and Gender Advocacy Center
Colorado State University

Applying to SJTI "The Student Experience": Eight easy steps

1. Find an administrator or faculty member who is willing to serve as your "SJTI Coach".
Please note: This person must be a staff or faculty member on your campus.

2. Begin investigating possible sources of funding for your registration and travel costs.

3. Go online and complete the SJTI Application. No money is needed at this point.
Deadline: May 1, 2014

4. Have your "SJTI Coach" go online and complete the recommendation form.
Deadline: May 1, 2014

5. Wait patiently until the host committee makes decisions on participants.
Decisions made: May 23, 2014

6. If you are selected, finalize your funding and send registration payment.
Attendance Confirmation Due: June 6, 2014, Payment Due: June 30, 2014

7. Finalize your travel plans to Fort Collins, Colorado.

8. Attend SJTI with enthusiasm, excitement and a sense of wonder!


The 2014 SJTI – The Student Experience will be held at Colorado State University, located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

SJTI begins Tuesday, July 15, 2014, and ends Friday, July 18, 2014.

While attending SSJTI, students will stay at Colorado State University’s beautiful mountain campus Pingree Park, approximately an hour and a half northeast of Fort Collins. Students will be provided with lodging on July 15, 16, and 17. Transportation from Colorado State University to Pingree Park and returning will be included. If students plan their stay to include the night of July 18, spaces in a university residence hall will be available for a discounted rate, which will be the responsibility of the student (TBD).

While Pingree Park is in the mountains, the SSTJI planning committee will strive to make every accommodation possible in regards to accessibility. Please share with us any pertinent information on your application.

Every effort is made to provide vegan and vegetarian options, as well as accommodations for food allergies or dietary restrictions (e.g. gluten free, dairy free, etc.). Again, please note on your application if any of this applies to you so we may be properly prepared.

On the day of arrival, the SSJTI planning committee will host a barbecue with all the student participants, SJTI alumni from the area, CSU administrators, and other constituents before traveling up to Pingree Park. After arrival at Pingree Park, all meals will be provided by the conference services at the campus.

Getting to Fort Collins

It’s easy! Just check out our Travel Information page.

Registration Policies

There is no cost to apply to S-SJTI. We trust that you will be timely in letting us know upon selection if you are unable to attend. Please note that we have a waiting list and, thus, need to know your attendance plans as soon as possible. Confirmation of attendance is due by June 6, 2014.

Payment occurs after you are notified that you have been accepted as a participant. Cost of registration is $495.00 per person. This cost includes your housing, food, and institute expenses. This cost does not cover your travel or transportation costs. The payment deadline is June 30, 2014.

The Employee Identification Number for S-SJTI is: 20-8019329. Your institution might need this number for tax purposes.

We will email instructions on how to pay by check or credit card following your notification of acceptance to Student SJTI.

All payments are non-refundable.

SJTI works to create a learning environment that supports the needs of participants. As a tax-exempt organization we are not in the financial position to regularly provide some accommodations, including ASL interpreters. If potential participants need accommodations, please contact us directly so we can explore options.