Participant Comments

The Social Justice Training Institute provides an intensive developmental opportunity for students to examine the complex dynamics of oppression and to develop strategies to foster positive change on their campuses and in their communities.

"My experience at SJTI helped me realize the importance of connecting social justice and diversity to all aspects of my life. I have taken away valuable connections for my future and I am forever grateful for those students that have changed my life from sharing their own stories. SJTI not only has opened my eyes but has also inspired me to continue fighting for all people."
Kimberly Ford, University of Northern Colorado Student SJTI Class of 2008

"Ever since I left SJTI, the facilitators and my fellow participants, the experience has not left me. I imagine it will be like this for years to come: memories coming back full force to remind me how I want to be in the world with my fellow human beings."
Marjorie Gosling, Prescott College (AZ), Student SJTI Class of 2007

"SJTI is an intense, emotional experience that has made me take a new attitude and approach on addressing social justice issues on my campus and surrounding community. The impact hits the heart and fills tears with hope."
Dustin Gee, Juniata College (PA), Student SJTI Class of 2007

"I learned so much by realizing how little I actually knew. You can only grow and learn after recognizing your own weaknesses and limitations; a necessary internal process. No one is a social justice expert, we all need to keep asking questions."
Vanessa Navarro, University of California - Santa Cruz, Student SJTI Class of 2007

"I went in hoping for a world of experience and was humbled by how little I truly knew even after everything I thought I had known. I am honored to have had the experience and would do it again in a heart beat."
Tiffany Taylor, San José State University, Student SJTI Class of 2007