On being an SJTI Coach

"How can we keep the momentum going after the experience?" That is the question that the coordinators of the Social Justice Training Institute asked during the initial planning of the first student institute. Our solution: the SJTI Campus Coach Program. Before students can apply to attend the institute, they must ask a faculty or staff member on their campus to serve as their "Coach". This person submits a recommendation to the host committee sharing why the student should be selected as a participant. The Coach also meets with the student prior to attending the institute to discuss what they hope to take away from the experience. Lastly, the Coach remains in contact after the institute experience to discuss the Social Justice Commitment (SJC) that the student has developed and to assist in its implementation. This (SJC) details the student's personal growth goals and an intervention that will impact their home campus or community. The Coach must be a faculty member, staff member or administrator on the student's home campus.

To serve as a Coach, please complete the recommendation below.

If you are serving as a Coach for more than one student, please complete a separate form for each student.